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How To Find Instagram By Phone Number: A Brief Guide 

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to connect with a wide range of people. All social media platforms provide an in-built feature to collaborate with their friends. The same way, you can interact with newer audiences on Instagram to know what they like. If you find this pretty challenging, you could kickstart impressions for your Instagram profile to gain a better understanding from the audience’ focal point. One among them is Instagram initiating users to interact with new persons and grab their attention. But how? Instagram offers a variety of ways to find new audiences. One of the best ways is to understand how to find an Instagram account by phone number. 

Searching for someone on Instagram with a phone number is an easy process to grow your followers. Are you looking for how to find Instagram by phone number? Read out the article to get the best solution.

How To Find Instagram By Phone Number?

Instagram offers a variety of ways to connect with people on your contact list. You can find someone on Instagram by phone number and recognize the profile easily. Here are the steps to search someone on Instagram by phone number.

Find Instagram By Phone Number With Discover People?

Do you want to connect with the person on your contact list on Instagram? Follow the below guide to do it easily on Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram application with your login details.
  2. On your profile section, click the hamburger menu present at the top-right corner.
  3. Get on to the Discover People option at the bottom.
  4. Then, Instagram provides a pop-up to provide access for allowing your mobile contacts to sync.
  5. Finally, click Continue.
  6. The option Connect Contacts to follow the people from your contact list on the phone.

The above method applies to Instagram users who haven’t been permitted to access the contacts on their mobile phones. 

When you use a phone number to search for someone on Instagram, it becomes easy to reach the right person.

Find Someone On Instagram Without Discover People

Are you struggling to find the Discover People option on Instagram? No worries! The Discover People option will not be visible if you do not permit Instagram to access your contact. To bring out the option, follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Instagram application.
  2. Go to your profile and click the three-line menu bar present at the top.
  3. Then, move on to the settings.
  4. Choose Account and from different options, click on the Contacts Syncing option.
  5. Next, a window with the enabling Connect Contacts option appears.
  6. Enable the option to sync your mobile contacts with your Instagram account.
  7. Then restart your profile and check again with the settings.

As a result, the Discover People option appears to find people from contacts.

Use Search Bar To Find Instagram By Phone Number

The search bar on the explore page is an excellent way to know how to search someone on Instagram by phone number. However, most users on Instagram use their phone numbers to log in to their accounts. So, type the exact phone number on the search bar, and if the particular user provided the mobile number on Instagram, their account appears on the searches.

Do you remember only a few of their mobile numbers? No worries! The Instagram algorithm shows the results of the accounts having the same number sequence. From the available results, you can get the required person.

Finding someone on Instagram using a  phone number is easy. Your Instagram account requires the potential audiences to multiply engagement for the videos posted as Reels, Stories, and IGTV.  As a result, your video reach goes higher when you have your contacts as your Instagram followers. So type the phone number on the search bar and find your potential audience.

When Is Search Instagram By Phone Number Is Impossible?

Though you use the right phone number to search for a specific account and could not find the required user, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • The particular person may not connect their phone number with their Instagram account.
  • The person you search for may use an alternative number to create Instagram.

Without a phone number, you can find the person in your contacts when you know their exact username and profile picture.


Instagram is the only application that makes it easy to find an Instagram account with a mobile number. The above article provides you with the steps to find someone on Instagram using your phone number. But, it is possible only when the particular user provides their number.