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How to Hide Followers On Instagram [2023]

If you’re one of the millions who use Instagram, it would be a great way to stay connected with friends and family. If you’re having a public Instagram account to share your personal content like photos, reels, IGTV videos and stories, there are high chances to view your account by strangers. To avoid this, you need to increase the privacy of your profile.

By setting your account to private, the users who follow you will only have the access to view and like your content and prevent your account from anonymous users. Instagram private accounts will protect your privacy and security.

Why Do You Want To Hide Followers On Instagram?

Using a private account enhances the privacy of your account and only your followers can view the posts, prohibiting anonymous users from viewing your profile. Adding your friends, family, and office colleagues as followers will make your account more safer. So you don’t receive unwanted comments to your posts and don’t allow bots as followers. An anonymous user can only view your profile, and not followers and posts. 

How To Make Instagram Followers Private?

By switching your Instagram account to a private account, you can make your followers list private. Thus, you’ve the power to accept or reject a follow request and only accepted followers can see your posts, comment on your posts, see your story, and chat. 

Steps to be followed to switch Instagram followers private,

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device
  2. Click on the “three-lined” menu on the top.
  3. Select the settings option.
  4. Choose privacy and enable the private account button.

If you want to remove a specific follower from your lists,

  1. Go to the main profile of your Account, and select the followers option.
  2. The list of followers will appear; select the specific follower.
  3. Tap on the remove button, which removes a specific user from your Account.

Restrict And Block Accounts

These two actions will make your followers list private. When you restrict an user, the specific user cannot comment on your posts, will not receive message notification and restricts to view the last seen of yours.  When you block a specific user, their likes, comments will get removed from your posts, the user cannot message you, and will not find your profile in the search box. Follow these simple steps to restrict or block an Instagram user

  1. Tap the three lines on Instagram.
  2. Go to the “settings” option.
  3. Select the “privacy” option.
  4. Below is the “connection” section, you can find “Restrict account” and “Block account.”

How To Hide Mutual Followers On Instagram?

A mutual follower on Instagram is nothing but when you follow a user and they also follow you back. Anyone can see your mutual friends list in the profile section. Instagram doesn’t have any special features to hide mutual followers on Instagram. You can search for third-party apps to hide mutual followers on Instagram. Recently Google play store removed these third-party apps from their app list because of data theft.

The only way to hide mutual followers on Instagram is to block the specific user. This action will restrict the user from viewing your account and never allows the user to get any details from your account. Hiding your mutual friends will enhance your privacy if you feel unsafe from a particular user.

Pros And Cons Of Switching Instagram Followers Private


  • Switching Instagram followers private will enhance the privacy of your Instagram account. So you have got control of your Account. You can monitor who’s seeing stories, and videos, liking your posts, and leaving comments.
  • It will prevent you from getting abusive comments from strangers, and avoid receiving follow requests from bots, and avoiding spam messages.


  • If you’re a content creator, your content will not reach a large audience. It is recognized only by people in your following and followers list.
  • Switching a business account to a private account is useless because the ultimate aim of a business account user is to get more engagement and showcase their products and services. But with a private account you can reach only a limited audience.

But having a private account will get only less impressions among the people. For example if your account is followed by some big celebrity, it is difficult to be recognized by other users because you’ve hidden the followers list in your profile. So to get more visibility, you need to increase Instagram impressions for your account and change your profile to public. Change your account’s privacy setting according to your goal to get the benefits of Instagram. The more impressions for your Instagram posts, the more followers to your account. So, set the privacy based on your goal on Instagram.

Most Asked Questions

Can I Hide My Following List On Instagram?

Switching your public account to a private account will hide your following list and It is impossible to hide the numbers in follower and following list. To do so, you can use the block option but this option will hide the following list from a specific user.

How Do I Hide Instagram Followers On Instagram 2022?

  • There is no specific feature to hide followers on Instagram, and you can hide the users in your account but not the number.

  • Make your Instagram followers private by enabling a private account option on Instagram.

How To Hide My Following List From My Followers?

As I said earlier, there is no built-in feature on Instagram to hide the following list, and the only possible way is to make your Instagram account private. Or Another way is to restrict or block the particular user.


Hiding followers on Instagram is like two faces of a coin, with both pros and cons. Your content will not reach a large audience and will get less engagement among the people. But, you need privacy to protect your Account as you share personal things on Instagram. So follow the above steps to switch your Instagram account to private and increase your user privacy.